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February 24, 2009

Theme Redesign!

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I got sick of the fixed-width default theme, so I took the WordPress classic theme (which was variable width, what an improvement!), and replaced it with my colors! Whew! Thank God for CSS. I then proceeded to apply the same colors (not yet uploaded) to the main site! Enjoy, funnily enough, the dark colors are a lot easier on the eyes when writing code.

— Kamal

February 23, 2009

Code and Maven Repository

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I have added a code section, quite thrilled about that – even though there isn’t much in there :-). I’ve also set-up a Maven repository, which is very handy for people wanting to try out stuff easily. Ah the joys of being a bum (speaking of which, got a job? :P).

February 22, 2009


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I have some semblance of a website! And I finally put some code on, yeah baby! This being a bum business is kinda fun, hmm now if only I could bring in money while staying at home without methods mentioned in scammy ads. Anyway, check it out :D.

— Kamal

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