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April 28, 2009

Bad Browser Haiku

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Yes, I have nothing better to do. Enjoy the following haiku, which is potentially a pseudo-ku (not to be confused with Sudoku – gosh I am funny :P!), though I tried to stick to the rules and spirit of it.

Fox on fire, why, how.
Script gone rogue, Face... book, so cold.
Kill... the tab. Okay.

Yes, poetry is like code, and vice versa ;-).

December 22, 2008


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The Night progresses
The World hushes
A moment of time
We move through

— Kamal

PS. I was in a trivia channel, and people started heading out as the night came… these words (further refined) came through.

October 13, 2008

An Ode to the Shell

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Yet another poem I wrote before leaving uni, as I was about to lose my beautiful Unix account. With commentary, it was part of my Unix .plan file :).

An Ode To The Shell
Dear Shell

There is time still
In my heart, a heavy load
Soon, part I will
Accept my free-form ode

One line of script
And you saw me fit
Anointed with Unix Nature [1]
Awoken, once and forever

The ampersand
My background friend
The hash
Script docs in a flash

for and while
Benchmarking in style
Redirecting to file
On my face a smile

Commandline completion
My eternal companion
Your prompt my dominion
Forever awaiting my opinion

more or less
Your pagers did impress
A blessed sin
How it made me linger [2]
Wouldn’t I like to know!
And ls?
Light on my directory’s mess
Oh kill,
Gosh what a thrill

foo, bar, and baz
Music better than jazz
command not found
advice so sound

Segfault fury
You threw at me
In all its glory
Initiating divine hackery

Synthesis of pipes and redirects
Plethora of commands at your behest
Skillfully accepting my greps
My shell, you are the best

Dear Shell
This is gonna hurt like hell [3]
I bid you farewell.

Commentary and references
[1] tm esr,
[2] tm Cranberries, Everybody Else’s Doing It, So Why Can’t We?, “Linger”
[3] tm Sarah McLachlan, Mirrorball, “Hold On”.

Good luck everyone. It’s been great (for the most part anyway) in CS.

To those who’ve read/answered/constructively criticized my posts, a
sincere thank you. To those recently graduated, good luck with the
jobhunting (shameless plug: let me know if you have a free spot :P).

And to my friends still struggling – hang on in there :).

— Kamal

A Coder’s Slumber

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A poetry I wrote during my uni days, am glad I still have a back-up of my old, now dead (RIP), laptop harddrive!

A Coder’s Slumber

Hours have passed
Bugs have been squashed
Do any remain?
To think not would be inane

But tis late, or early?
To bed I must hurry
Class at 5.30, More code at 8.30
Perhaps even time for some curry

Wait, what’s this
Cement mixers running amiss!
How am I to sleep
When my ears so bitterly weep

Alas it be the day
Where nocturnals have no say
Forcefully I enter realms of slumber
A pox o’ that wretched mixer


— Kamal

October 11, 2008


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Subtle and intangible
Irrational and incomprehensible
Powerful and life-driving
Never lose it, never tire of it
Live, strive, persist!
Inspire, and be inspired
Know, avoid all doubt
Have Faith

— Kamal

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