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May 21, 2009

Hitler’s attempt at Agile Development

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My friend Tom – who does not have a web presence unfortunately (hint hint, Tom) – sent this video link. It is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while, top-grade geek humour :-). Note the last sentence in the video. Classic!

Disclaimer: In case this gives the wrong impression – I am a fan of Agile methods, the emphasis on getting quality, well-tested code up and running is breath of fresh air; it takes a certain amount of discipline and culture though – the latter being more crucial in my view, and not always available. Humour like this really brings that much-spoken-about Real World™ to light :P.

May 5, 2009

New Code: FormGen

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Just wrote and uploaded FormGen, a quick and dirty HTML form generator, in the code section. Haven’t uploaded sources yet though. Check it out!

May 3, 2009

“Visions”, an album by Ade ISHS

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Disclaimer: I know Ade personally. Though I can’t handle crappy/mediocre music, from friends or foes!

“Visions” is Ade’s first solo album. Ade’s an independent musician based in Melbourne, Australia. The album is a collection of 9 beautifully composed piano pieces. My personal favourites are “Birth of Love”, “Sky” especially the second half of the composition, and “Rain 1”. The pieces are pleasant, relaxing, ambient but non-intrusive, and at times very inspiring (for one thing it digs out my wish to learn a musical instrument every now and then!). On average, each piece runs for about 7 minutes, and it is easy to sense the effort and love that has gone into the album’s creation. Note that although this is his first solo, Ade is by no means new to the music scene, having been involved in various events previously.

I highly recommend “Visions” if you like instrumental music. You can find out more about Ade and “Visions” at Ade’s website. In the spirit of fair use, trust, and freedom of platform choice (yay!) – Ade’s made sure the music is DRM-free.

Finally, only peripheral to this – but nevertheless quite interesting to geekoids and musicians alike – is that Ade’s Computer Science PhD is on Music Information Retrieval – so yeah, he likes his music :-).

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